We service all accounts residing in or with main offices based in Connecticut

We use skip tracing, letter series and report to all major credit bureaus!

Rescue My Debt is a leading debt recovery firm that helps individuals and business entities collect unpaid debt in a professional manner. The team of debt collectors comes from a wide range of debt collection industries and has an efficient process in collecting unpaid debt in the most efficient strategies possible under the Connecticut state law.

Through solid years of relationship building with accredited debt collection vendors, we have established ourselves amongst the competition as a leader in the Connecticut market. With a strict employee on-boarding process, we make sure that our team is industry accredible and held to the highest ethical standards.

Our collection and skip tracing tools lets us hone in on the debtor and analyze the best solutions in bringing justice back to your hard earned money. When choosing Rescue My Debt, you will get a dedicated team that will represent you on the field to get answers to your debt problems. Rescue My Debt caters small and large business entities that spans across many competitive business industries.

Let us help you recover your credit score from unreasonable debt that is owed to you.

Our Clients Always Come First

As customer relationships are the forefront of our business, we make sure that we offer top notch customer service. We know that your businesses PR is the lively hood of your growth and never want to tarnish the image of your company with a bad reputation. Our contact management systems are strategically set up to provide a friendly, yet professional follow up solution to the dent recovery process. We use the latest debt tech tools and software that allow us to find solutions fast in the digital world of consumer information.

Debt Collection Services

First Party Collections

This is the first step we take for you. For accounts that are 15-30 days past due we courteously contact your clients in your name as a friendly reminder that their bill or account is past due. We have many options for you regarding communication, including sending reminder letters, making a phone call or sending a text message to the overdue client.

This is done in our office and we act as your internal collections department at this early stage in the collections process. This first step works well, lowering immediately the amount of debt we must collect

Third Party Collections

We contact your clients within a 90-day time frame from the initial default, and over a series of letters and phone calls, get more firm with them. We comply with the FDCPA guidelines at all times. We will also report the client to the credit bureau if requested by you. We do intense skip tracing to track the debtor’s whereabouts.

We always maintain professionalism when speaking with your clients as we understand the importance of maintaining client relationships. Remember, we do what YOU want us do so everything can be altered to your choosing within the letter of the law.

Attorney Collections

(when all collection actions allowed by law have been exhausted)

If the debtor ignores all of our collection efforts and we have come to an impasse, we can and will forward your file to an attorney that specializes in debt collections. We work closely with the attorney for you and get them up to speed on the client file. The attorney will then send a demand letter to your client requesting full amount of debt owed and also phone the client. If the client does not respond, the attorney will let us know in their expert opinion if they believe we will be able to obtain payment through the courts and YOU will make the final decision of whether or not to proceed.

Our office is in compliance with all state and federal laws, including but not limited to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)

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