Why Choose To Work With Us

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RescueMyDebt.com Can Help You Retrieve Your Debt

When it comes to debt collection practices, most individuals aren’t educated with their consumer rights and what it takes to get that debt dismissed. There are many debt collection agencies that seek out misguided consumers and take advantage of them. RescueMyDebt.com will take in consideration all the facts when going after the money that is legally owed to you.

The team at RescueMyDebt.com strives to educate clients with the latest knowledge of consumer law protection so that they can feel confident that there case will get settled in their favor. It’s important to note that RescueMyDebt.com is NOT a law firm.

We Understand Connecticut Business

It’s important that you work with a local firm that understands the local Connecticut economy. RescueMyDebt.com has collection experience in many of the top statewide industries. Each claim will be analyzed and executed upon with a specific collection strategy that will be the best fit for collecting the debt in a timely manner.

Collection Tips for Connecticut Businesses

If you find out one day that a vendor or salesman hasn’t been honest and been holding back on paying invoices, what are your options? First, you can directly ask them about if they are lying to you or not. Most people have strong morals and will answer these types of questions by coming clean. Most of the time, the collection will be finalized when communication is in place.

There are many times when even the most honest people tend to lie. In this case, you must stay calm and do not get into a heated debate. When you can avoid confrontation, you can keep communication active which will lead to a faster resolution of the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that are asked during our debt collection consultations with business owners like you

What type of information do we need?

The more information, the better. To properly identity the consumer we request the following: full name, current/past addresses, phone numbers, employer name and number, social security number and a copy of your invoice and/or signed agreement. If you don’t have all of the above information; share what you do have and we will start from there

How long does the process usually take?

Every client varies but we usually recommend 90 days for each one

How do we get started?

Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started. We will provide you with an equitable client contract to be signed and simply returned to us with your initial submission of accounts.

Get Started with RescueMyDebt.com Today

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help collect on your overdue payments. There are some accounts that show more promise then others.